Ship's Passenger Lists Hamburg-South Africa


Below you will find a series of passenger lists for ships that left Hamburg during the second half of the 19th Century to bring Germans to South Africa. The first 6 ships in the list brought most of their passengers to Kaffraria, as part of the settlement plan for this small colony. But already some of these passengers disembarked in Cape Town and settled in the surrounding areas (e.g. in Philippi). Most of the later ships sailed directly for Cape Town, but some continued their voyages to Port Elizabeth, East London or Natal.

    Please note:
  1. You can do a search for particular names in all the lists from the Main page.
  2. The information provided was transscribed directly from the book Deutsche Wanderung nach Südafrika im 19. Jahrhundert by Werner Schmidt. The lists are in German, but should be simple enough to understand by non-German readers.
  3. I did not attempt to cross-check the accuracy of the information in the book or even to correct obvious errors. Through the process of scanning and deciphering the text further errors may very well have been introduced. If in doubt about the accuracy of any piece of data, please ask. I will then verify the information I have.
  4. Organisation: The lists are organised according to the primary immigrant: Surname, Christian name, occupation (age), place of origin, followed by his spouse (mit Frau = with wife) and any children. People travelling on their own are marked with an *.
(Pr.) = Prussia (incl. Brandenburg, East Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia) (Hann.) = Hannover
(Brdbg.) or (Brandenb.) = Brandenburg (Hess.) = Hessia
(Westpr.) = West Prussia (Nass.) = Nassau
(Schles.) or (Schl.) = Silesia (Meckl.) = Mecklenburg
(Pomm.) = Pomerania (Anh.) = Anhalt
(Brschw.) or (Braunschw.) = Brunswik (Holst.) = Holstein
(Schlesw.) = Schleswig (Württ.) = Württemberg
(Westf.) = Westfalia (Oldenb.) = Oldenburg
(Thür.) = Thuringia (Sa.) or (Sachs.) = Saxony
(Schw.) = Switzerland (Öst.) = Austria
(Rußl.) = Russia

Ships of the Period 1858-1863: Ships of the Period 1876-1883:
'Cesar Godeffroy' on 12 Apri1 1858 'Wandrahm' on 28 November 1876
'La Rochelle' beginning of June 1858 'Pedraza' on 3 May 1877
'Wandrahm' on 22 August 1858 'Adele' on 8 Juni 1877
'Peter Godeffroy' end of September 1858 'Sophie' on 15 August 1877
'Wilhelmsburg' middle of October 1858 'Uranus' on 25 September 1877
'Johann Cesar' end of October 1858 'Caroline Behn' on 10 October 1877
'Victoria' on 1 October 1859 'Godeffroy' on 15 November 1877
'Peter Godeffroy' on 19 November 1859 'Saturnus' on 3 January 1878
'Cesar Godeffroy' on 5 May 1860 'Papa' on 31 March 1878
'Wandrahm' on 15 June 1860 'La Rochelle' on 13 July 1878
'Alfred' on 11 August 1860 'Anglian' on 14 January 1882
'Johann Cesar' on 6 June 1860 'German' on 5 May 1882
'Helene' on 10 April 1861 'Nubian' on 2 June 1882
'San Francisco' on 15 May 1861 'German' on 28 July 1882
'Peter Godeffroy' on 17 July 1861 'African' on 22 September 1882
'Wandrahm' on 2 November 1861 'German' on 21 October 1882
'San Francisco' 1862 'Durban' on 6 April 1883
'Steinwärder' on 20 May 1863 'German' on 5 May 1883
'Helene' on 12 September 1863 'Arab' on 1 June 1883
'Nubian' on 29 June 1883
'Durban' on 27 July 1883
'Anglian' on 21 September 1883

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